About Awakers

Awakers.club is a website for everyone to share their minds and witty ideas on accelerating the life momentum of people who have Narcolepsy. You can share the silliest, weirdest, funniest, stupidest, craziest ideas as long as they work!

Hi! My name is Alex. I have heard of Narcolepsy long time ago but I had never seen or met anyone in real life who has it.

I met Dutchy in a mmorpg(massively multiplayer online role-playing game) 7 years ago.
Haha… she was a healer and I was an archer in the game. We become friends since then…

There was once, we joined in group in the game to kill monsters or bosses, and my “health” was dropping ; I was like “@.@, dutchy… I am bleeding … knock knock… dutchy.. I am dying … please heal me!!!”. Then I would make many different faces in front of her to get her attention when she was not responding. Sometimes, people in a party group with her would yell and curse at her when she was not responding.

how do I come up with this name... Awakers

I named this website as Awakers.club as THE NUMBER OF TIMES the people who have Narcolepsy
getting AWAKE is THE SAME as they are FALLING ASLEEP. It reminded me of this image of “Is the glass HALF EMPTY or HALF FULL?”
Can we have a paradigm shift of perspective?

So I asked Dutchy … “Dutchy dutchy Is it good or is it not good to call Awakers?
do you like the name of Awakers for the website? ”

Dutchy said “Ye it is :3”.

So we go along with this name!

I didn’t know what Cataplexy was…

until that day…
Dutchy sent me a youtube video. She said it was funny.
So I watched. I didn’t laugh for even 1 sec. I felt my heart sunk and wanted to hug her so bad.
I don’t remember if I said I wanted to pinch her cheeks so bad as she was silly.
When she first told me she has Narcolepsy, I didn’t know what that was.
I told her when she KO, I would catch her and be her cushion.

Recently, I asked her I have cracked so many jokes with her, would she get cataplexy?
She replied me with a smirk, ”Not so easy, Dutchy has been taking medicine.”
I replied with an impish smile, “Wooot, are you challenging me?”

ARE YOU READY? NOW, Grab A Cushion!

Awakers Big Arrows

Cata-Dipsy Shot!

  • Spot the Diff! Did you see what I saw ?

    Dutchy sent me this photo few days ago. I spotted it right away! Did you see it ?

    There was a bunny hidden in the snow!

    One of dutchy's bunnies passed away few months ago. She was sad and her mom bought her a new one. Dutchy named him Snoopy. HAHAHHA

    I need to apologize for the delay on the blog. I have finished writing the Awakers' MiddleGame. I will try to put some pictures.