The Cause behind Awakers.

Dutchy is a cheerful, fun-loving girl. She is like ocean or sea… very comfortable to be with. She never hides about her Narcolepsy. So everytime when we were playing the game, I would ask Dutchy if she was sleepy. She would say “a little”. Then we would call it a day and let her rest. I would type “aww… dutchy is like this =.-….=.- … then =.= then …. -.- …. -.- Zzzzz… “

A few years ago, Dutchy started her college life. She said she was having problems on coping with Narcolepsy (I called it Awakers Syndrome) and her studies. Luckily, she met a nice senior who also has Narcolepsy. Her senior shared with her some tips and good ideas to handle both studies and Narcolepsy. I feel happy for her as someone was giving Dutchy a helping hand.

Last time, I heard Dutchy wanted to do Medicine. And I talked to her and asked why didn’t she take it? She said it would take her 12 years to finish Medicine. So she is taking other major.

There may be other Awakers like Dutchy facing the same issues too! Or they have great ideas to share about how to cope with it?
And… since I have been working on web development, I think maybe I can do something.
Not only that…. How about everyone can share their minds and witty tricks and ideas with Awakers At Play, At School, At Work, Safety and Even more!?

So a few months ago, I told Dutchy. “Dutchy dutchy~ I am going to make a website so you and your senior who helped you out and EVERYONE can share ideas with Awakers(I still hadn’t thought of the name at that time yet) who face the same!”. Dutchy just said “it is nice.” But I don’t think she took me seriously. Haha. So a few months passed. Dutchy thought I said that for fun.

My mind has been contemplating some ideas, structuring the website, logo designs, themes, color palettes, contents to be included. I put that in my notebook but I didn’t start it yet.
Tada~ Here it is!