Awakers' EndGame - CheckMate on Your Exams!

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Awakers' EndGame - CheckMate on Your Exams!

Awakers' EndGame - CheckMate on Your Exams!

I guess I need to share with you my tips of studying and handling exams.

This is about exams.

1. When you get the exam paper, take a quick glance on the questions.

You will have a better view on what exactly the questions you need to answer.

2. Then you have to gauge your time to each section of questions

3. when you are answering questions and if that question is taking up more time, you need to skip and make a mark on that question, go for the next question first. Make sure you go back to that question. Don't waste your time and don't be stalled by that question.

4. After having finished all questions, examine your answers if you have time.

That's pretty much about it. I had a freaking out experience on only using three quarter of time to finish one of my most important exams in life. I was late for 15 minutes(one quarter time short compared with others). Should I be late for another one second, I would be kicked out from sitting for it. I was aiming at National Top 10. Due to 15 minutes delay, my score dropped to only A or A-.