Preview on Table of Contents and Connect the Dot By Making Stories

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Preview on Table of Contents and Connect the Dot By Making Stories

Preview on Table of Contents and Connect the Dot By Making Stories

Here it is the Part 2! Dutch has been making some nice knitted toy for her friend’s pet. I have been looking forward to her artworks. Hehe~

Before u start, first take a glance on the outline of the book (content outline)

Find out what are first chapter, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and so forth are about briefly.

How was each chapter interlinked?

And this is how I remember things. I will use a story to link. Create a story and relate the initial wordings of the outline.

Then I discovered the similar concept when I read Talk like Ted (written by Carmine Gallo). I accumulated many years of experience for studying smart instead of studying hard.

There was some research done on presentation and public speaking and how to imprint and impressed messages into people’s mind. It was said to make your presentations fascinating, three key elements are needed. Usually, stories make your brain remember things easily!

1. Emotional 2. Novel. 3. Memorable

This is a good example to remember. The initial is M(emorable), E(motional), N(ovel), they make up M-E-N.

It is much easier to remember or relate. Oh… I always use the teachers’ name I have strong feelings with/against to make stories.(humorous or annoying, take your pick!). After having read Talk Like Ted this book, it has further engraved onto my mind that stories can make your brain remember things easier than other methods.

Why is it easier to remember? I think I attended a crash course for memory. It said it is good to use both of your left brain for logical and methodical and right brain for creative and artistic thinking. So making stories for your memorizing make good use of both! Haha.

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