Reversal of Kicking off A Habit 4: OnSleep Habit Loop x OnSleep PAVLOV TWEAK

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Reversal of Kicking off A Habit 4: OnSleep Habit Loop x OnSleep PAVLOV TWEAK

Reversal of Kicking off A Habit 4: OnSleep Habit Loop x OnSleep PAVLOV TWEAK

Sorry for the delay. It usually takes me few weeks to read up and come up with a writeup. I don’t do copy-writing… If my blog post is a bit slow, please forgive me. I just wanna make sure of what I write will benefit you. 

Before I start, I need to declare my disclaimer here: 

1.What I suggest may not be a magic potion, but a harmless hypothetical experiment that you may apply to improve the result. 

2. Like it was said in The Power of Habit, there is no magic formula for changing habit rapidly. And there ISN’T ONLY ONE FORMULA for changing habits, there are thousands or many more. 

3. The formula will differ from person to person, various behaviours and habit patterns. You need to identify your own cue, habit routine and reward. You can experiment them by testing different cues, and rewards. 

What is going to be shared is a little more informative and complicated. Should you need more clarity, drop me a message.

For people who want to kick off their bad habits, the methods applied in The Power of Habits mentioned was identifying your cues(triggers), habit routines and rewards and REPLACE THE BAD HABIT ROUTINES WITH GOOD/HARMLESS HABIT ROUTINES. 

For Awakers, the one I am sharing is TOTALLY OPPOSITE TO kicking off the keystone habit: we are indulging OnSleep Habit Loop into irresistible addictions(Reflex!!). Get yourself into irresistible addictions on OnSleep Habit Loop(internal circadian sleep cycle). Cheating your body by indulging into the irresistible OnSleep habit loop. Simply put it, make your OnSleep Habit Loop into addiction that become AUTOMATIC that you can’t control. 

There are two exercises or assignments we need to do for both Habit Loop and Pavlov theory. 

  1. Habit Loop: Find your cues(unconditioned stimulus or triggers), habit routines and rewards for your OnSleep Habit Loop 
  2. Pavlov Theory: Find your conditioned stimulus, reflex(habit routines) and rewards for your OnSleep Habit Loop PAVLOV TWEAK(I named this Pavlov Tweak)

For people who want to kick off bad habits, in order to let you understand about cues, habit routines and rewards, we use an example from a guy mentioned in The Power of Habits who had lost 70 pounds in six months. This can also applied to those Awakers who wake up in the middle of night feeling bored then eat if you find it helps to put your weight back on track. In The Power of Habits, it was stated the cues and rewards remain the same but the habit routines were replaced. 


Cues of his overeating: feeling bored or stressed 

Overeating habit routines: grab comfort food like cheese Danish, fries or hamburgers 

Rewards: feeling comforted and relieved, contented, gratified after eating


Conditioned Stimulus(cues) to NEW good eating routines: weighing himself every morning

Reflex(Habit Routines) of New good eating routines: replace Danish with a piece of fruits or salad/healthy food or eating a healthy breakfast every morning/talk to someone to kill the boredom

Rewards: Immediate sense of excitement and a sense of achievement to see first few pounds disappeared 

For Awakers who want to indulge in their internal circadian OnSleep Habit Loop and make it into an automatic reflex.

For OnSleep Habit Loop

Identify three elements of your Quality OnSleep Habit Loop: 

1. Cues of quality sleep

2. Habit Routines of Quality sleep

3. Rewards - feeling refreshed after sleep or next morning

For OnSleep Habit Loop Pavlov TWEAK

  1. Get a conditioned stimulus(similar to bell ring of the Pavlov theory): it can be getting a squishy like Elmo or Mr. Bean’s teddy bear or cuddling your pet or get a Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Together with the cues of your quality sleep 
  2. Habit Routines of quality sleep 
  3. Rewards - feeling refreshed after sleep or next morning

* Cloud b Tranquil Turtle is a toy for helping kids to sleep. I thought of buying one for my ex-gf who once had problems of getting to sleep. Then my bed-time story every night… made her sleep like a baby that she didn’t need it. 

When you apply the conditioned stimulus long enough to make the habit hooked on, even if you don’t feel sleepy when it hit your sleeping time, you can apply the Pavlov TWEAK to trigger your internal circadian sleep cycle and sleep well. And I think it is harmless to try on for getting better with routine sleep cycle. 

I think there are pros and cons here. The pros is that it probably helps you to sleep and get your next days refreshed. The cons is that you may depend on the conditioned stimulus you apply for Pavlov TWEAK. 

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