Welcome to Awakers.club!

Let's post something fun!

Welcome to Awakers.club!

Welcome to Awakers.club!

Welcome to awakers.club!

Thank you for visiting our site and welcome to awakers.club!

Tada~ Here it is!

Finally completed this website. Yay! O(^^o)(o^^)O

Dutchy has been looking forward to this! ^~^ hehe

From what contents, user interface, user experience to navigation, functions, color palettes, what can bring to Awakers, I have been contemplating on doing my best on easy to use, pleasant to look, and enjoyable using experience on this website.

Awaker is a new word. You can’t find the word “Awaker” in dictionary.

I chose a very bold color Lemon Green. I don’t know if you all will love it. I would love to bring out energetic, vibrant, exuberant look for all of you. I haven’t shown to to Dutchy. Haha wanna give her a surprize!

After a few months of work, finally it is here!

Enjoy yourself on this website! 

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