You Are The Cause of Matter

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You Are The Cause of Matter

You Are The Cause of Matter

Due to covid-19 outbreak, many people are grounded at home. Me too… Looking at the good side, I have more time to write for my blogs. How about you ? Please share on how do you spend your time at home. :) 

I urge everyone to stay at home. Covid19 is a virus. A virus needs a host to survive. Human body is the host for covid-19. So as long as you stay distancing for the time being, you are safe. And you save others around me, especially those loved one you are close to(living with you).

Of course. There may be people have already planned for many events. I share your feelings. But this outbreak is different from others. 

I do believe in ripples effects or some may relate to butterfly effect. I recalled there was a movie in 2005 named A Sound of Thunder. The film is about “time tourists” who accidentally interfere too much with the past, completely the present. Every thing you do(action) or don’t do(inaction) will create ripples effect in your life and further ramificate into others’. Some people may not believe it.

It has been so true when it comes to covid-19. 

So let’s stay at home ~~ As I promised, I will work hard on creating more contents to brighten up your life~

I share your feelings … when Narcolepsy(I called it Awakers Symptoms) hit you and got you out of plans/schedules, the feelings are not good. You may be crying, frustrated and you felt like to give up. My mentor used to say this to me: 

You Are the Cause of Matter. 

No one can make you feel how you wanna feel unless you let them to. 

It has been so powerful to me till today. 

I have written this series of post few months back. But there was something I still hadn’t figure out yet. That’s why I didn’t publish. Finally I realised that something needs to be added on. 

The next topic we are going to discuss is 

Mental Muscle Build-Up for A Better You Than Yesterday 1: 

Motivation  x  Internal Locus of Control  x  Will (To Believe You Have The Will To Change) 

Something intriguing about these 3 words sound similar. Motivation, Internal Locus of Control and Will(To believe You have the Will to Change). 

Let’s look at the meaning of these 3 words from Merriam. 


  • the act or the process of motivating or the condition of being motivated 


  • To provide with a motive, something (such as a need or desire) that causes a person to act


  • the place where something is situated or occurs
  • a center of activity, attention, or concentration
  • the set of all points whose location is determined by stated conditions


  • the act, process, or experience of willing; volition 
  • Mental power manifested as wishing, choosing, desiring, or intending 
  • A choice or determination of one having authority or power 

Will is a huge topic to be discussed. 

Please Stay Tuned for the next blog post for your Mental Muscle Build-up!